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Jolly 9005-GA Firemans Goretex Fireproof Boot

  • Wersja/model: wMGC4LoK
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Jolly 9005-GA Fireman Goretex Fireproof Pull On Boot Upper leather Full-grain cowhide leather waterproofed black 2.4 - 2.6 mm thick Top collar Soft aniline leather black waterproofed 1.0 - 1.1 mm thick padded with special foam to improve fitting comfort. Rear and front flexors Soft aniline leather black padded with special foam to enable the foot to easily undertake a wide range of movements. Lining Seam sealed 4-ply laminate (GORE-TEX® DURACOM CAMBRELLE) bootie construction: Layer 1 - Abrasion-proof lining Cambrelle® 100%PA Layer 2 - Insulating felt for transporting water Vapour 100% PES Layer 3 - Waterproof and water vapour permeable membrane ePTFE Layer 4 - Backing fabric knit 100% PA Reflecting insert Reflex Scotchlite 3M material yellow. Elastic insert is positioned in the instep area permanently anchored to the insole in order to hold the foot in the correct position. This fitting system prevents the foot from slipping off the boot. Very light aluminium toe cap (-40% compared to steel) asymmetric with supporting base resistant to 200 Joule manufactured and tested according to the standard EN 12568:2010. It is positioned between the leather upper and the lining it cannot be removed without damaging the whole boot. A plastic soft padding on the upper edge of the cap protects the feet while flexing. Heel cap 1.8 mm. resinated synthetic bonded fabric thermally mouldable glued to upper material. Upper cap Abrasion-resistant flame-proof rubber mixture black 1.8 mm thick glued to the upper leather using special PU cement. Ankle protection Heat moulded material with shock-absorbing properties Side antiperforation panels multilayer fabric with a perforation resistance of 1100 Newton. Sewing thread Kevlar® Filament permanent flame-retardant yellow. Foot-bed Anatomically shaped made out of a layer of moisture transmitting felt (80% PES- 20% VISCOSA) and with an upper covering made of anti abrasion non wovenmaterial 100% PA. In the heel area is positioned an insert of EVA foam for the best comfort of the foot enabling to preserve the foot anatomy and to increase the energy absorption on the heel. Insole Average 8 mm thick insole made by a multilayer construction using special antiperforation composite textile material “Zero mm Perforation” at 1100 Newton according to the standard EN 12568:2010 with a plastic reinforcement as stabilizer and completed with a felt filler on the bottom. Textile antiperforation insoles compared to the old style metal plates offer considerable ergonomics and safety advantages: more protective surface flexibility insulation moisture absorption reduced weight   Sole Nitrile rubber cemented sole heat resistant at 300°C antistatic oil and petrol resistant high wear-resistant slip-resistant SRC. Self-cleaning and foreign objects + debris free granted by the peculiar structure of cleats and running surface. The high energy absorption in the heel area is given by the rubber compound of the outsole by the height and shape of its cleats. The height and shape of its inner net with air cushion improve both shock absorbing but also thermal properties.   CE Certificate EN 15090:2012 F2A HI3 CI AN - SRC Category III P.P.E.